Campaign Responses

Here's where you can find my thoughts and my position on campaigns people have emailed me about! It might take me a bit of time to formulate a response so if you've sent in a campaign email and can't yet see a response then please do check back later!


Dementia is an illness which is estimated to affect 1 million people by 2025. It is an illness in which I am strongly passionate to make a change for the better in.

Animal Welfare

I have been contacted by many constituents about the very important issue of animal welfare. As an animal lover myself, this is an issue that I take extremely seriously, and I am proud to be continuing the work that Sir David Amess did on this.


Conversion Therapy

I fully support the banning of conversion therapy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Gambling Review

Gambling is good fun for many of us but I recognise that, for others, it can become a serious problem. With Genting Casino in Westcliff, I want to see a healthy gambling industry that makes an important economic contribution, but we must also protect those that use it from harm.

Beer Duty and Supporting Pubs

I’ve received lots of correspondence concerning tax reform for alcohol and the Long Live the Local campaign. I want to see everything possible done to support our historic pubs and I will make sure the Government delivers on its promises.

Nationality and Borders Bill

Many people have written with concerns about the JCHR’s report on the Nationality and Borders Bill and the issues it raises regarding refugees and asylum seekers, as well as the notice of deprivation of citizenship orders.

Protecting the right to protest

Freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are vital rights that I wholeheartedly support, and it is clear that the right of an individual to express their opinion and protest is a cornerstone of our democratic society. 

Selling of Channel 4

Channel 4 is a landmark in our thriving TV industry and I absolutely share the Culture Secretary’s admiration of all the work that they do. I firmly believe that they are integral to the success and sustainability of the UK’s public broadcasting system.

Fur and Foie Gras

I am absolutely committed to ending the trade in fur and foie gras, and I am delighted that the Government is taking steps to ensure this happens.

Access to Cash

Cash remains an important part of daily life in Southend West and for millions of people across the UK, which is why the Government has committed to legislate for the protection of access to cash.

Health and Care Bill

Many constituents have contacted me about the Health and Care Bill. Improving local healthcare is one of my absolute priorities as your MP, so this Bill is particularly important to me.