About me

I lived in London prior to moving to Kent with my family and assortment of family pets. The daughter of a teacher and engineer with a brother who is a doctor I  believe in working hard, aiming high and giving back. 

 I obtained a Law degree at Durham University and after a brief career in financial services retrained to become a successful Barrister. After 12 years representing people who had suffered from serious medical accidents I took a career break to bring up my family and was elected to my local council.

My legal training and experience as both a professional and community advocate means I  understand the world from many different perspectives. I have represented people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, so I can empathise and connect at every level. 

I still work on a pro bono basis to help those who cannot afford access to the Law. Recently I have supported families and small businesses pursued by ruthless no win no fee lawyers, or vexatious claimants.

I am  a school governor and support the campaign group 'Mothers at Home Matter''. I believe caring and carers deserve more recognition and support. We need  to acknowledge the invaluable role they play in bringing up the younger, and looking after the older  generation.