As you are probably aware, Southend is not currently included within the regulations of ULEZ. However, that is not to say that our constituents are not affected by this scheme. Those of us who have to drive into the boundaries of the Ultra Low Emissions Zone for work or any other reason will be charged a very high rate simply for exercising our freedom to drive when and where we please. Those driving heavier vehicles will face an even more punitive charge than regular motorists. This is a specifically troubling matter for those constituents whose work requires such vehicles to travel into London. I believe that this is an unfair penalty that will restrict freedom to drive and to work. Hardworking Southenders are being punished for their dedication to their work just because they need to drive into the capital. Because of this I will fight against the expansion of the ULEZ regulations.

Countless hardworking constituents have written to me regarding this punitive scheme, and I will by standing by them and fighting for them in their opposition. Let me make very clear that the freedom to drive and the ability to work unimpeded by invasive charges are of the utmost importance to me, and I will continue to ensure we can maintain these liberties. I will always be opposed to the introduction of the ULEZ scheme, or any similar scheme, in Southend and Essex. 

I am always happy to be made aware that constituents also disapprove of this invasive and punitive scheme. Know that, in whatever way I can, I will be fighting against the expansion of this unfair, anti-freedom and anti-business charge.