Constituency Surgeries

Carrying on the tradition of Sir David Amess, Anna hosts regular constituency surgeries on the first & third Friday of every month. Due to high demand, Anna currently operates a triage system where we require an apt understanding of your case before an appointment is agreed.

Operating this system allows us to prioritise complex cases of constituents who need to meet with Anna.  

Examples of cases which do not necessarily require a physical appointment include:

  • chasing passport applications,
  • investigating tax discrepancies,
  • applying for driving licences,
  • housing issues,
  • immigration concerns,
  • benefits & child maintenance,
  • escalating ombudsman complaints.

Anna can deal with these using existing channels.

Additionally, any matters pertaining to Southend City Council should first be notified to your local Councillor. If this avenue does not prove fruitful, you should escalate it to Anna. You can find your local Councillor by using

Southend City Council is responsible for:

  • education,
  • planning,
  • highways, transport & parking
  • culture & tourism,
  • waste & recycling collections,
  • social care,
  • libraries & parks,
  • social housing,
  • major regeneration & investment projects,
  • trading standards.

Regarding issues which fall under the remit of Southend City Council, Anna has no power to compel local authorities to act or change any decisions. However, she is always happy to formally pass on concerns that are raised with her.

Appointments are approximately 20 minutes long, and specific locations and timeslots will be provided to you if your meeting with Anna is confirmed. You may also experience delays in securing an appointment depending on demand.

In any instance, please contact Anna if you are unsure of how best to proceed with your case. A member of her Parliamentary team will be able to advise.