A Tribute to Jo Cox

Conservative Association, friends and colleagues, wish to pay tribute to the inspirational life of Jo Cox MP, senselessly and brutally murdered, while serving her constituents.

Jo Cox MP was a shining beacon and a truly inspirational woman, smashing glass ceilings everywhere she went and giving a hand up to the under-privileged, to the voiceless and also to women the world over.

She fought for what she what she believed in, sticking by her principles and putting the needs of others above and beyond her own.  Whether in a war zone, in Westminster or West Yorkshire, Jo Cox set an example that many of us will aspire to. She used democracy not for personal gain, but to make a positive change to make our world a better and more peaceful place.

Jo was not just an MP, but also a mother and a wife.  Our thoughts and prayers, and those of all my colleagues, are with her husband, children, family and colleagues.

An inspirational life taken from us far too soon.

Anna Firth

Conservative Spokesperson