Strong and stable leadership in the national interest

The Prime Minister was absolutely right last Tuesday to say that we need a General Election now to secure strong and stable leadership to deliver Brexit and build a new global Britain for the next generation and beyond.

As your Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman I campaigned hard up and down the Country for Britain to leave the European Union as I have always believed that Britain would be better off outside the European Union making our own laws, spending our own money and controlling our own borders.  I was therefore immensely proud of all voters in Erith and Thamesmead who helped make that happen on 23rd June last year.

But we must not forget that we have not yet left the EU and I have been hugely disappointed by the behaviour of Labour, the Liberals, the Greens and the SNP, all of whom have tried to reverse our decision to leave the European Union last June and undermine the democratic decision of the British people.

There are two years of complicated negotiations ahead with 27 other countries, all of whom will have their own self-interests at heart.  We need a strong Prime Minister with a clear mandate from the British people to deliver the best deal for Britain.

Only Theresa May has the courage, experience and maturity to make sure the Brexit we voted for happens, and to deliver a good deal for the British people.  

The General Election will not only strengthen the Prime Minister’s hand in Europe, it will give her the essential, clear, working majority she needs in the House of Commons to get the job done.

I want to see a more secure and united nation, with Britain established as the strongest country in Europe, committed to defending the realm, to delivering record economic growth and to building a Country offering opportunities for all not just the privileged few.

Every generation has an opportunity to change history. This is ours and I am proud to be part of a Party that wants to build a truly global Britain for the next generation. A Party that looks beyond the borders of Europe to the new emerging markets we have neglected for far too long and to re-establishing trading relationships with the Commonwealth.

Every vote cast on June 8th for Theresa May and the Conservatives will strengthen Britain’s hand in the Brexit negotiations.  A vote for any other Party threatens Brexit and will lead to a weak and instable Government led by Jeremy Corbyn.   

Thank you for reading and I looking forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!