Reaction to new Brexit deal

The Prime Minster has announced the great news today that the UK has agreed a new Brexit deal with the European Union.

This deal is one that so many people said Boris Johnson would never be able to achieve but he has done it and I think it is a good deal.

Three reasons why this is a good deal

Firstly, the undemocratic backstop has been removed which prevents the United Kingdom being trapped in the EU’s Customs Union.

Secondly, the deal legally makes sure that the UK leaves the European Union as one country, including Northern Ireland.

Finally, in the political declaration, it paves the way for a big, new free trade agreement. 

I think, now, we want Parliament to get Brexit done and let’s get on with the other things people are worried about. In Canterbury, that’s a new hospital, more town centre police officers and a new constable for Whitstable, more money for schools and better roads.

Let’s get Brexit done.