Government funding for new CT scanner at Kent and Canterbury Hospital

The Kent and Canterbury hospital is to benefit from a multi-million pound funding injection in new, state of the art, cancer screening equipment following the Prime Minister’s announcement of an extra £200 million to replace and upgrade diagnostic equipment last month.  Today, the Health Secretary has announced that East Kent Hospitals are one of 78 trusts to get extra funding. 

I am delighted that the Kent and Canterbury hospital is receiving funding for a new CT scanner.  There is a superb focus at the hospital on early and accurate diagnosis led by talented clinicians and nurses, resulting in patients receiving the most effective care possible for their particular condition.  We need to support them by ensuring that our superb clinicians have the most up to date equipment to match their skills and experience.  I am working hard to make sure Canterbury and Whitstable does not miss out on any future healthcare investment.  A new CT scanner is clearly a step in the right direction but the long-term goal remains a brand, new hospital for Canterbury that would serve the entire region.”

The Kent and Canterbury hospital is a major centre for nuclear medicine scanning thousands of patients every single month.  One of the hospitals CT scanners, however, is already 12 years old and in urgent need of replacement.

This new investment is therefore very welcome and will enable the Kent and Canterbury hospital to diagnose cancer and other treatable diseases even earlier as the new machines scan and construct images quicker and reduce the need to re-scan. The new CT scanner will also lead to earlier diagnosis, which is vital to saving lives. 

Early diagnosis of cancer is a priority for the Kent and Canterbury as well as being part of the Government’s commitment to ensure 55,000 more people survive cancer each year.