Election Night: My speech

Ladies and Gentleman,

Firstly, thankyou very much indeed to the Returning Officer, the Police and the security services for all you have done today.

Secondly, my congratulations to Rosie. It has been a hard fight, but given the wider picture tonight, I think this result is very much a personal tribute to you and I think that must be recognised.

My thanks too to all the other candidates for making this such a well-mannered and decent contest amongst ourselves.

Thirdly, my enormous thanks to the whole of my campaign team, especially my agent Andrew Kennedy. You have fought a magnificent campaign and I am grateful to everyone who has supported us.

Whilst I am disappointed that we have not won Canterbury for the Conservatives tonight, the really good news is that we are now clearly heading towards a clear majority Conservative Government – which in my opinion is great for the future direction of our country.

And I have one final message. I believe there is genuinely more that unites us than divides us. I hope as we all leave the hall tonight that, whatever our beliefs, our hopes and our aspirations, that we will now find a way to heal our divisions, unite our country and move forward together.

Thank you.


[Speech given at Westgate Hall, Canterbury in the early hours of Friday 13 December]