Anna Firth is reaching for new heights for mental health charity West Kent Mind

Anna Firth, together with her husband Edward, have put together a team of 5 to climb Mont Blanc for charity.  Anna and Edward are not an experienced climbers.  Mont Blanc is 4,810m above sea level making it the highest peak in the Alps / Western Europe and the climb itself will take approx 2 days with the summit planned for 16 Sept.  The climb is tough and potentially dangerous (more climbers die on Mont Blanc every year then on any mountain in the world) but Anna and the team hope to raise essential funds for West Kent Mind which does brilliant work in Kent with vulnerable children, adults and anyone suffering from a serious mental health problem. Mind believe that no-one should battle mental health problems alone and that early intervention, particularly where children are concerned, has lasting, long-term positive results. 


If you are able, Anna and Edward would love to have your support. 


Please visit just giving link:- Anna and Edward Mont Blanc Challenge


Anna Firth says:

“When my husband, Edward, first mentioned that he wanted to climb Mont Blanc for his 50th birthday next month I have to say I didn’t take him very seriously.  Firstly, we are both complete novices having never climbed above 2,400 metres i.e half the size of Mont Blanc.  Secondly, I am scared of heights and, thirdly, more people die on Mont Blanc every year then on any other mountain (50 to 70 on average) due to avalanches and rock-falls. Standing at 4,810 metres (15,781 feet) above sea level it is the highest mountain in Western Europe and the 11th highest in the world.  However, in for penny, in for a pound, and it seemed a great opportunity not only to get fit but also to raise essential funds for one of my favourite charities, West Kent Mind.

Mental health issues affect all of us through loved ones, friends or even personally simply because life is stressful and has its “ups” and “downs”.  One in four of us will experience a mental health problem every year from mild anxiety through to clinical depression or worse ...  For over 50 years West Kent Mind has been operating to support, advise and counsel anyone suffering from a mental health problem, particularly vulnerable children, women and adults with serious mental health problems, so that they don’t have to battle on alone.   

So with just over 3 weeks to go, 10 kg lighter and feeling absolutely terrified, we have set up a Just Giving page.  Please help us make sure that every metre we climb helps someone with a mental health problem by giving a little (or a lot - we're not fussy!) to this fabulous cause.  Macquarie Bank will match fund us £ for £ making the whole thing even more worthwhile.  Thank you so much for your support”     


Jill Roberts CEO of West Kent Mind says:

“Everyone at West Kent Mind is really thrilled that our charity and therefore local people experiencing mental health problems will benefit from the incredible challenge Cllr Anna Firth and her husband are about to embark on.   We absolutely rely on the generosity of the community and it’s brilliant that any money raised will be matched by Macquarie Bank. Good luck with the climb and thank you for choosing to support West Kent Mind.”