Anna Firth joins panel at Mothers at Home Matter event in Parliament

Anna Firth joins the panel at a conference to discuss ‘Who Cares About the Family?’ in Parliament. The event, organised by campaign group Mothers at Home Matter was held on 27th January and focused on the economics of family life and the dilemmas faced by modern UK families.

Anna said:
“Mothers at Home Matter are doing vital work in supporting all parents who choose to stay at home in order to care for their children; their work ensures that the voices of these women and men are being heard.

It is important that mothers and fathers have a choice as to how they care for their children, and if this includes staying at home then it is right that they are provided with adequate support. All too often the barriers for parents to make such decisions are too high.

The current taxation system actively discriminates against those who give up work at any stage in their life to care for a child or another family member.  Today the most heavily taxed families are single income families with children.


The government should commit to raising the transferable tax allowance to match the entire tax-free allowance. This would be hugely beneficial to families with a stay at home mother or father and would help and support stable families and children and I will be lobbying George Osborne MP and his treasury team to make these changes.”