My Conservative Policy Forum 9-Point Plan


Growth and engagement

  1. Double the number of CPF groups running across the UK whether they be on-line, traditional, constituency or community-led.  I will work with anyone and everyone who wants to start up a CPF group targeting, in particular, all constituencies where we have a Conservative MP but not a CPF group to support.
  2. Work with and support the Young Conservatives to establish as many student CPF groups as possible across the country.
  3. Work with and support the Conservative Women’s Organisation and any other official Conservative affiliated group to ensure that women and other distinct groups s are a key part of the conversation as to how we maintain our majority. 
  4. Support wider CPF participation online - in groups, individually or via whatsapp and fB.  
  5. Revitalising and reactivating the 100 or so dormant CPF groups that have been active in the last 3 or 4 years but are currently inactive.  This would be an absolute priority for the first year.


Policy and profile

  1. Ensure the CPF is at the forefront of the next Conservative Party Manifesto working with the No.10 policy unit.   
  2. Create a CPF Board made up of voluntary Policy leads and key CPF co-ordinators in all key policy areas to provide additional policy expertise.   
  3. Continue high-level CPF events at Party conference and establish CPF regional policy conferences. 
  4. Publish “The Members Manifesto” - invite all CPF co-ordinators and/or Policy leads to contribute a few pages or a chapter to a new CPF book to help shape the next manifesto.

Anna Firth

March 2020


“Anna Firth is an exceptionally able and articulate Conservative politician.  A patriot, a great communicator and an authentic Conservative.  With an unrivalled work ethic she has the experience and enthusiasm to deliver the Conservative agenda across a range of national and local platforms”

 Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, Home Secretary


“Anna is incredibly hardworking and truly committed to our Party.  She is also an excellent communicator alongside being a wise and deep political thinker.  She would make a great new Director of the CPF”

Mims Davies MP


“Anna is a real talent and a superstar campaigner.  She is full of enthusiasm and original ideas to take the CPF forward.  With intellect and emotional intelligence she would make a first-rate voluntary director of the CPF”

 George Freeman MP, Previous CPF Chairman