Safe and Sustainable Splash Park

As a mother of three children myself I understand the importance of healthy open spaces for children, families and carers.  Local residents want to see a Splashpark which is safe and sustainable and not one which is frequently closed due to unsafe levels of bacteria caused by the faulty design of the current Splashpark.  Although the Council are obviously working hard in order for local residents to begin considering possible fund-raising campaigns we need the following assurances from Bexley Council:-

1.       That a single version of the truth will be available as soon as possible.  There was a divergence of opinion last night between Cllr Sawyer and one of the local ward councillors who seemed to think that 85% of the funding is available.  It was unfortunate that this was not raised with Cllr Sawyer before the meeting as it clearly needs to be clarified as soon as possible.  Until the local community knows exactly the extent of the funding gap (if any) it is impossible for residents to properly evaluate the options available to them.

2.       That before any final decision is made Belvedere village are given an opportunity to have Splashpark classified a community asset.  This would allow time for a community bid to be put together.

3.       That even if an all singing, all dancing Splashpark turns out to be unviable, some sort of children’s facility must remain. 

4.       That as and when the Splashpark is reinstated consideration is given to bringing in parking restrictions in the roads immediately adjacent so that the parking needs of those who live in Belvedere come first.