Belvedere Splash Park

I am your Conservative candidate for the general election and I am currently fighting to keep a safe, sustainable Splash Park in Belvedere.  As a mother of three children I know how important and valuable good outside spaces are for children and for the community as a whole.

So far I have:-

  • Attended a public meeting of the Belvedere Community Forum at which I challenged Cabinet member, Cllr Alex Sawyer, for an absolute assurance that the Splash Park will be protected.
  • Met with and lobbied Cllr Sawyer, on three separate occasions, to press upon him the importance of healthy outside spaces for children, especially given the recent rise in childhood obesity.
  • Taken my campaign to the local Press.

As a trained Barrister I am now challenging the Council for:-

  • The precise cost of replacing the Splash Park.  Current figures vary wildly from £350 - £500,000.
  • A guarantee that there will be further discussions with local residents/Councillors as soon as the Council’s report on the Splash Park is available and before any final decision is made.
  • The identity of the unnamed local company which has offered a large donation to help revamp the Splash Park.  I want a meeting with this company as soon as possible to see exactly what is on offer.  

I intend to continue meeting with and lobbying the Council to ensure we keep a safe, sustainable Splash Park on that site.

If you agree with my campaign please contact me on or 078078 57230.